Worry makes you sick and wastes your life away.

by ronny-andre

Worry makes you sick and wastes your life away by ronny-andre

But how to stop worrying? Well, once you are hit hard by one of the above you begin to realize that worry usually takes you nowhere and only paralyzes you. The way out is to take the steps to do the best you can to your knowledge and stop trying to control outcomes. The only way to control the future is by doing your best now and even that is sometimes not enough. You might be fired anyway no matter how much you did to avoid that.

We accept outcomes best when we know that not all outcomes are in our hands, and knowing we did our best also softens the blow. We did what we could and the rest is not up to us.

I can tell you that I can sit and think up a million things to worry about, yet that takes me only to a place were I become paralyzed and horrified. From that place I can do nothing productive, while if I stop myself routinely from indulging in unproductive worry, I can relax and enjoy the ride, come what may. When the crises come I’ll deal with them, knowing that I will handle them as best I can.

Life, once more, is too short to spend it on so much worry. Let’s deal with realities and not so many illusions.

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