How to ruin your life: reverse psychology.

How to ruin your life: reverse psychology CC by Mylla

                        How to ruin your life: reverse psychology CC by Mylla

When a friend is in some kind of trouble, it’s always easy for us to see the mistakes she’s making—dating the wrong guy, drinking too much, spending compulsively, you name it. Yet, when it comes to ourselves we are so blinded by emotion and clouded by fear that we can’t think ourselves out of the fog. We have our instincts, our hearts and our gut to trust—if we listen—plus all the well-meaning advice of our friends, to which we almost always fail to hear.

Reverse psychology and how to ruin your life.

But I’ve found a surefire way of detecting what I should do: thinking in reverse. When I see how certain steps could ruin my life, the path to choose seems much clearer.

So, here are some simple moves you can make to ruin your life and the lives of others:

  • By all means have an affair. You not only get to ruin your life and your reputation but a few more while you are at it!
  • Live only in the moment. Why save money for a rainy day? Spend it all now! Pay later, if you can. If not, you can always fall back into bankruptcy.
  • If you lose your job, make sure you badmouth your company, especially at a job interview. You won’t get the job but at least you’ve gotten all that resentment off your chest!
  • Lie your way out of trouble. If you are found out, you can just keep lying until you have no credibility, no friends and your own family no longer trusts you.
  • Eat whatever you please. You’re going to die anyway, so why deprive yourself of that Twinkie? (Oops! Gone now!)
  • Definitely seek revenge! When someone wrongs you, make sure they get a dose of their own medicine. Never mind that you both won’t be able to sleep from the remorse and possible embarrassment at having acted out like a kid.

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