Is it too late?

by JanetR3

Is it too late? by JanetR3

Even in my twenties I thought it was too late for me to start something new. And so it’s been until recently. I suppose age has a lot to do with it. Now that I am deep into my 40’s, I have come to feel that I have much less to lose. All those what ifs and fears of what could go wrong are gone.

I used to fear what people thought of me, always eager to please. While I’m still a pleaser, I do care much less what people think of me. They might think: “Is she really planning to do that at her age?” Well, yes, why not? As long as I can still move, think and work, I can try anything.

I’ve survived plenty in my life to prove to myself that I have even more chances to make it. I don’t care anymore about the end result or when I’ll get it done. I’ll start anything and if I die on the way, so be it. But I plan to live a full life not allowing my insane fears get in the way.

No, it’s not too late, I see now. I wish I had thought differently when I was younger, but I can do nothing to change that. Now is all I have to work with. Can’t look back and sulk at missed opportunities and wasted time fearing it’s too late.

Let the games begin, the new adventures and life. The time for me is now because I have nothing to lose.

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