The waves of uncertainty and self-doubt.


The waves of uncertainty and self-doubt by


They come and go. Just when you thought you were pretty settled, like waves, uncertainty and self-doubt hit you. When you thought you were on the right path, here comes a wave to freeze you still.

Those waves come to me quite often of late. Especially now, when life is pushing me in all directions and suddenly I’m unsure of which path to take.

Today I sat down on a bench quietly and held on tight, hoping that these feelings of uncertainty would pass. They didn’t but I did manage not to panic and to allow time to tell me which direction to take.

Something I have learnt is to not act when in a panic. I wait it out and allow things to settle and then proceed with caution. I know my gut will tell me what to do, as I also know I’ll have to wait until I can actually understand what is best for me. What road will be more fulfilling? Often, it’s never money that pulls me in one direction or another. What pushes me is whatever makes me feel happy, balanced and content.

So when waves of uncertainty hit me, I sit, wait and measure my steps. I ask myself whether this is this how I want to play out my life? Will this eventually make me happy? My gut will then tell me to take the road that feels more like “my road.” I just have to get over the self-doubt and uncertainty period and then life will unfold as it should, I trust!

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