What makes your heart grow?

 archer10 (Dennis)

What makes your heart grow? archer10 (Dennis)

When you’ve protected yourself from harm by staying away from people half your life, and then join the crowd, you are amazed at how much better it is to risk being hurt and feel your heart beating again through the thoughtful acts of kindness that others offer you.

Our hearts grow bigger for different reasons. We feel and experience life differently. The things that make my heart grow are small and simple to others. And what makes others hearts bigger might surprise me too.

Simple things that make my heart grow:

  • When someone unexpectedly texts me to simply say “Hello.’
  • When I’m invited to a party. (Why would anyone want me there? Is my first thought.) I’m honored.
  • When someone offers to pay my drink.
  • When someone wants to meet me for coffee just to catch up.
  • When I’m sent a greeting card with an actual stamp.
  • When someone asks me how I’m doing and they really want the long story.
  • When my nieces text me just to say hello and tell me they miss me.
  • When someone thanks me for something I did when I didn’t expect any acknowledgement.
  • When kids thank me after a class.
  • When on a bad day I’m surprised by some human kindness thrown my way.

When my heart grows from all these small kindnesses, I am reminded how lucky I am and how worth it is to get up every morning to face a new day.

What makes your heart grow?

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