When your heart freezes.


Frozen heart by Glatze mit Kamera

Frozen heart by Glatze mit Kamera

Hearts go through periods of hibernation when they remain unmoved, untouched. It’s often a way for the heart to recover. 

My heart has those freezing spells, and I’ve come to live comfortably in those states, believing it’s safer to be in that place where nobody can move you or hurt you.

When our hearts freeze we will have to eventually learn to allow the ice to melt, and then, once again, brave the world which is often full of pain.

You can substitute romantic love, which is only a crazy phase, for the love of your children, if you have them, and the love of friends and family. This can soothe the frozen heart and bring it some warmth.

This too shall pass and if it doesn’t, no worries, any type of love can cuddle and rekindle your heart.

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