The puzzle of life.

The puzzle of life, by

The puzzle of life, by

We often hope that as with puzzles, we can find and fit every piece perfectly, but most of the time we can’t. We hope to find those perfect pieces which don’t actually exist but in our idealistic minds.

We have to reach a compromise with what we want and hope, and the pieces available to us. Sometimes we just have to be realistic and make do with the pieces we have on hand. Unless, of course, the piece is just too large and there is no way this it can fit the picture. Toss and look for another smaller piece, which might not fit perfectly either but gets the job done, or is closer to your ideal.

Nope, life doesn’t come in a perfectly boxed set for us to assemble and finally get the perfect picture. Life is a puzzle with imperfect and sometimes missing pieces. And that’s fine. At least we can still keep looking and hoping.

Enjoy the search, but also learn to make do with some of the imperfect pieces life has handed us.




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