Help me remember what was good

When things go awry we stay stuck in the bad experience and forget the rest. The good stuff is lost in the fog of our disappointment, seemingly not being able to go back to a place where we can see the positive aspects of what unfolded. Sometimes it’s best that way so we don’t repeat the same mistake. Other times we should try to see through the bad stuff so as not to relive the experience and stay stuck in hatred.

With help, we can get over the mishap. Our friends can kindly offer us a hand and help us to see the lighter side of what happened. How much you gained, which might be far more than what you lost. An outsider may have a clearer, more unemotional view, and can walk you past the negative.

It’s important to see the lighter side of the worst circumstances to find your peace. Hatred and anger from disappointment can eat at you and keep you from living in peace.

Make peace with what hurt you and have someone help you remember what was good before it all fell apart.

2 thoughts on “Help me remember what was good

  1. Paulo

    Thank you so much for this. I’m really sad these days. lost my best friend, lost my lover, lost the love of my parents and lost my conscience. It can’t go any worst than this, I really hope that I find my peace.

    Thank you.

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