Words that kill you softly.


There are words uttered with the best of intentions, yet for some, those words are on our black list. Words that kill us softly because of our own interpretation.

If there is an adjective I dislike being referred to by is: “You are so sweet,” in Spanish: “Eres un cielo.” It kills me! I have to turn back and check if they are actually referring to me!

Let me explain: while I do like to help people out at any chance I get, it is out of common sense, people help people, or so it should be. I also have a hidden agenda; it makes me feel great! But I am not sweet, or “un cielo,”

Those words translate to me as: stupid, naive and I find it condescending in some way. This is my word, the one that kills me.

What’s your word? What word kills you softly?

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