Will you still be here tomorrow?

Will you still be here tomorrow?

Will you still be here tomorrow?

Some of us have abandonment issues and ” Will you still be here tomorrow?”  is not a question we openly ask. We keep it to ourselves and it remains there, at the back of our minds unuttered. Unable to shake the terrifying feeling away.

There is something positive about acknowledging abandonment issues. You get to value those who stay and become more accepting to the fact that being left is a part of life. As we see relationships as temporary, we are more able to allow people to come and go freely. We learn to become less attached and thus, less fearful of the trauma. The thought that everything is transitory makes the abandonment feelings more bearable.

It doesn’t matter when people leave us. At one time or another they do whether it’s because they cease loving us or life takes them on a different unexpected path. Accepting that fact as natural is essential to overcoming the fear of abandonment.

We may suffer abandonment issues if we were neglected physically or emotionally in childhood, or because of having experienced some traumatic event such as a bad break-up or divorce.

Will you still be here tomorrow? Well, maybe, but if you are not, I’ll be fine. I’ll learn to live without you.

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