Let go of your routine and enjoy the unexpected!

Freedom by Kliefi

Freedom by Kliefi

Three years ago I felt empty and bored to death. Although I was passionately teaching, I lacked a personal fulfilling life. I had a very strict and fixed routine. I did my grocery shopping at 8 A.M. every Friday, cleaned, did the laundry, cooked and read. The rest of the week I stuck to a strict schedule. I was the perfect target for a stalker or worse, because I had to run at the same time and along the same path every day. I also weight-trained every other day without fail. If I overslept and my schedule was off, it would kill my day.

Until one day I unexpectedly decided I needed a change. I went to a conference that changed my life drastically. The conference was not what triggered the change. But it started there, when for the first time I went by myself to an event with a room full of complete strangers. Also, deciding to spend the money on that conference was also a big deal. For once I saw the expense as an investment in “me.” ( I forgo spending money on pampering myself.)

From that day on, in which I broke my rules and decided to change and be open to improvising, my life has been in constant change. I feel as if I had been set free from the pressure of sticking to my routine, which was really all about feeling safe and centered. But I’ve learnt that you can feel centered letting go of routine, and being open to trying new things.

When you decide to change habits and do things differently, your life is enriched in countless ways. Allowing yourself more options, more experiences. In other words; living life and allowing the unexpected into your life.

At long last my fears of uncertainty are mostly gone because I now venture beyond my comfort zone.

Let go of your routine and experience the unexpected! Allow life to be an endless adventure into the unknown!

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