Keep breathing…


Breathe…by PhotoLab XL

There are times when all you can do is keep breathing. When pain is so dull and deafening that all you can do is give in. You are so paralyzed by the overwhelming emotion that you are at a loss, stuck and unable to move on. You cannot change how you feel at will. If only it were that easy. All you can do is keep it simple: breathe and allow yourself to feel, don’t avoid it, don’t run from it because it will only take longer to heal and it will eventually catch up to you.

Place your hand on your heart and breathe. This practice actually soothes you, allowing you to feel compassion towards yourself and lifting some of the pain. The responsibility you place on yourself is often more than you can bear. Lighten up the load, and take care of yourself. Take your sweet time to coast through the rough waters.

Breathing is something we forget to do when we are tense, afraid or in pain, yet so important to our emotional and physical well-being. A simple act, when there is little else you can do, is focusing on breathing, which will help you ease out of the dark tunnel…

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