Walk the walk…

Walk the walk...and be true to yourself

Walk the walk…and be true to yourself

Does what people say, match what they do? Lowering our expectations, might lead to a happier life! We expect so much from people that we are inevitably let down. We hold onto people’s words and promises without checking if, in fact, their words match their actions. Then, we are caught by surprise and often feel betrayed when what they say is way different from what they do.

It isn’t a matter of going through life not trusting anyone, but about being realistic and a bit more watchful. In stead of listening so much with our hearts, we should learn to listen perhaps through our eyes. Because actions define us, and not a bunch of words put together to please. Yet we can’t solely blame others. We too lie to ourselves, unbeknownst us. We are blind to ourselves. We say things and we don’t follow through, with what we believe are our convictions. Maybe we do mean what we say, but we might not be brave enough to act accordingly. Being yourself takes courage.

How to match what we say with what we do? We have to find our voice, our true identity away from others. Define who we are, and practice doing every thing we say and believe in. It is far from simple. It takes effort, watchfulness and practice. Same as with expectations we have of others. Watch them and see if in the course of time, they too follow their convictions.


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