The prisons we construct for ourselves

Our little self-made prisons, dare step out!

Our little self-made prisons, dare step out!

We hide, we stick to our little routines and don’t dare  step away from our orderly lives, often out of sheer fear of the unknown, of taking the wrong path, of being frowned upon by others.

And with all these fears we build our own secure little prisons. Unable to recognize that it’s our own choosing. No matter how we might want to blame others, circumstances and life. The fact is that nobody is keeping us from pursuing our dreams but ourselves. Once we dare step out of our comfort zone, and think outside our self-made prisons, life takes on a different meaning, not that limited to survival, but one of meaning and the freedom to experiment and experience.

It’s hard to let go of the known and step into the abyss of the unknown. Yet, if you decide to leave your prison, the rewards of the freedom of experiencing an unchained life, will be totally worth it.

Break free! Live! We all know the ending, so why not try something new?

Read more about fear in my article ” Tips to overcome your fears.” in

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