Going back to nature to calm your restless spirit.


Nature soothes the spirit...

Nature soothes the spirit…

There is nothing that makes your heart grow calmer than when you visit those places where nothing seems all that important. Those places that soothe your heart, calm your spirit and make you see life and it’s troubles small compared to the grandiosity of the beauty of nature.

Nature teaches us that no matter what storms come, the trees keep growing, the land keeps getting wet and drying up, after a storm the sun will shine…

My father never tires of telling me that in the large scheme of things, our problems are but a speck. This is how I view life when I go to those beautiful places. Going back to nature. The antidote to regain perspective, clear your mind and get in touch with what is really important.

I’m off to nature today, I need the medicine.

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