Love and obsession: Nothing you can do about it!

Burning love....By Steve Jurvetson

Burning love….
By Steve Jurvetson

Love, as defined in “Les Misserables,” is the garden of youth, but I disagree. It can hit you at any time and any age. It knocks you out of your senses, driving you crazy for a while, becoming an obsession. Like a drug, you have hardly any control over it. You can’t stop and think rationally. You enter a phase of tunnel vision, all you see, all you feel and think about, is the object of your affection.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it, except wait it out. It shall pass once your senses become familiar with your lover. Their scent, your bodies, your eyes become acquainted, and in time, the grasp is loosened

Our brains in love are very similar to brains on drugs. We experience a high, an uncontrollable attachment and attraction we can’t think ourselves out of.

A friend of mine told me recently she was in love, but that she didn’t want to become obsessed. My answer was that there was nothing she could do about it, but wait it out, in time whatever the result, the obsession would pass. She was bummed, but felt better knowing she wasn’t alone and that most people go through the same ordeal all the time. Plus, when you decide you don’t want to think about someone, the more you are pulled to do so. Just relax and take it in stride.

Feeling obsessed? In love? Crazy? Watch this TED video. It will bring you some understanding and reassurance, that you are just like everyone else in love, and much like on drugs! It is a great feeling, but it can also be an emotional  roller-coaster ride, hard to get through.

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