Spring and hope

Hope is here! Gear up for the optimism spring brings! by zenera

Hope is here! Gear up for the optimism spring brings! by zenera

Yesterday they came to prune the trees on my street. As I watched I couldn’t help feel my heart flutter. This meant spring is close. The beginning of hope, of the season of light and anticipation. Spring evokes childhood memories, when life was carefree and school would soon be over. It is true I have always over anticipated events. It is still February, but I notice the days becoming shorter by the second. This makes me happy.

The winter blues are fading slowly, and with the nearing of the season of hope, a new life seems to unveil before me. This is when I can really start planning, setting goals which at other times seem unattainable. My brain seems to become clear and fears are lessened. 

Why does spring bring us to life? According to PsychCentral spring is considered a time for change and personal advancement. This is when people clear-out their homes, their closets, and start working on their gardens and lives in general. Psychologists believe spring brings us a renewed sense of optimism.  Decluttering and renewing our wardrobe and homes is a symbol of new beginnings.

So let’s then take advantage of this optimism and fire it up! Let’s gear up, and as the engine heats up, let’s plan to take that leap, make that change we don’t seem to be able to make during the sombre winter months.

I’m planning to take full advantage of the hope spring brings, and enjoy every chance thrown my way!

Wake up, spring is almost here!

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