Selling my life on eBay

I love jewelry, but at this point, I’m ready to let much of it go. So, I started selling my life /memories on eBay. Every piece, one by one, is finding a new home. Some pieces were precious at some point, but given that my nieces will probably not want them, I’ve decided to put them up for sale, and I’ll spend the money towards making memories, not wearing them.

There’s a rule though. It must be something I bought myself. Gifts from friends and family stay on. They are special. Not that the things I bought for myself weren’t, but now, they spend their days hidden away in a jewelry box. Why not extend their life and have someone enjoy them? There’s a catch though, it’s hard to let go. Each piece of jewelry holds a memory, but this is not good enough reason to hold on to them. I have plenty of memories stowed away in my mind and heart to last a lifetime, my lifetime, and I’m ready to make more.

One thought on “Selling my life on eBay

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