My sister lost her best friend today

My sister has many friends, but this special friend came with no drama, was genuine, loving, caring, selfless and most importantly they had a long history of memories together. I believe this was my sister’s longest friendship that never ceased even when they were oceans apart. They kept in touch and shared their storms.

Losing a friend, or a family member feels like losing a limb. All you were together goes missing. Our brains start to dissect conversations we had with them, and the moments we shared. Now, the trying times begin. You think of something you want to share with them and realize you can’t. You go to sleep and when you wake up, your first thought is: She’s gone. The awakening is rude and frightening. You don’t want to let go of them, so you keep them alive by thinking about them constantly. Loss is the biggest heartbreak one can endure.

I’m so sorry for her friend’s departure, but I’m even more sorry for those who have to learn to live without her.

Time, will not heal all the pain but will soften the blow and teach us how to live with their memory intact.

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