Never let you go

As a teacher, I’ve said more goodbyes than I can remember. I thought biding farewell would get easier in time but it doesn’t. Things change as we grow older, and our hearts secretly whisper; “Never let you go.”

When I was younger I was more aloof, detached, and self-centered so, the impact of saying goodbye was not that disheartening. Because in youth we believe we are the center of the world often taking people for granted. It is, perhaps, a survival instinct, shutting down one loss at a time, moving on without the tight strings of attachment.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more attached to people and made stronger bonds. It has it’s upside; making my life richer and more meaningful, but there is a downside; letting go is heartbreaking. I may now count my blessings but also my losses.

To those I love and must bid farewell, I say; “Goodbye my dearest.” However, my heart beats to a different tune and whispers; “Never let you go.”




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