Leather goods; Valentine’s gifts for men

I don’t have a man in my life but I once did and I knew exactly what made a great gift. I couldn’t always afford what I wanted to get him, but I always tried to get a meaningful and quality item, no matter how small. I love gift-giving, and I still get my ex-husband something for Christmas on behalf of my nieces and nephew since he was and is a very generous uncle and godfather. I believe in quality and my go to is usually leather and especially from an Italian company, I love because of the top quality leather goods they make. Il Bisonte. I even get myself the male version of their wallets because they age beautifully and are soft to the touch. Mine spans 7 years now and I love how it looks now, all used and beautifully weathered.

So, here are some products which would make for a great Valentine’s gift for your man. Hope you like them! Maybe a bit pricey but they last forever!

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor On Life and Hope y todo lo demás received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article. Her opinions are hers only.



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