Not being social is actually a good thing

The good thing about not being too social is that when you are it’s genuine. Those select few you choose are those with whom you feel completely at ease with, and whose company you really appreciate. Those special moments with your chosen few are precious. So, there are benefits to not being too social even if some call it social anxiety. It’s actually OK to be this way. Why try to change something that also benefits your close relationships?

I don’t like big social events, but I can deal with them if I have to. It has nothing to do with low self-esteem as some would label it. It’s an inability to be around people I don’t know, will never get to know and I have nothing in common with. I get bored, and antsy since I’m very bad at small talk. Therefore, I avoid these big social events that I can usually foresee will kill my evening since they drain my energy from the emotional exertion that’s required to listen to people I don’t know from Adam.

With my select few close friends, I thrive. We connect at deep levels because when we meet it’s laidback and easy. These shared moments are delightful. I listen, chat and I’m never afraid to shock or scare them away with my thoughts and opinions. I can be myself and this is key for me. I may not connect with lots of people and may not be a social butterfly, but my friendships are real, very honest and meaningful.

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