My first staycation alone

After the whirlwind months of crazy activity and events; moving, furnishing my apartment, starting a new job that has taken up many a weekend and getting over a break-up, I finally have my first 9-day vacation. I made it a staycation because traveling did not seem feasible nor emotionally healthy since I’ve just settled and adjusted to my new solo life. Wonder is my predominant feeling now. It’s as if I’d just jumped off a plane on a parachute, hit the ground running, stopped, got up, and I’m looking around at all that’s transpired in just three months.

Some people, especially men, are better equipped for compartmentalizing and therefore seem to tackle one thing at a time with a clear head. I, on the other hand, gather everything together and seem to juggle randomly through my life filled with anxiety and emotions, not being able to see clearly through the fog of events that seem to happen all at once. I do eventually tackle everything, but I do fail to find a healthy balance. However, that said, I’m tackling my staycation in great spirits. Now, that I have time to think, with nothing pressing but enjoy my life and free time, I’m in a good place. I can say that this is one good life I have made for myself. With my cute little happy home.

This chapter, so far, is a good one, and this staycation, with exercise, friends, and a lot of downtime is going to fuel me until the end of the year. But, let’s stay in the now. I’m in no hurry whatsoever to get to 2018!


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