You cannot be sad if you find reasons to smile

You cannot smile and be sad at the same time. It’s either one or the other. You may be trying to mask sadness but once you find a reason to smile, sadness evaporates, even if only for s short while, but it’s all worth it. The more you practice smiling the more pleasurable moments you’ll have.

Sadness comes to greet me mostly when I’m alone, especially now that I live on my own. This has made me realize the need to spend more time with people I care about which always prompt me to smile and more often than not, laugh. And hence, undermining any unpleasant thoughts that may be clouding my day. It also helps that I’m a cheerful person by nature. However, sometimes I can hold on to sadness for too long and hide in it.

So now, I’m trying to meet those moments that trigger my smile more often by spending more time with my friends, at work, with colleagues and of course, my students who always top of the list of smile triggers! Oh! And hugging pups!

If you’re going through a sad phase, try finding out what triggers you to smile!

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