Seeking contentment not happiness

Happiness is short-lived, it comes in bouts, sometimes at intoxicating levels which then leaves you drained because you want more of it, understandably. While it’s normal to want to feel elated 24/7, it’s not a fact of life. I no longer seek happiness but mere contentment which lasts way longer and is more constant and serene.

I’m content with my life now. After over two years of uncertainty and chaos, I now have finally landed a routine, a home, a life with few ups and downs, and a job that fills my heart to the brim with love and purpose.

Contentment is a state of peaceful acceptance of a life with no drama. In this state, there is little room for great expectations. It’s about leading a quiet life and being able to appreciate the small beautiful things life offers and being able to share some moments with the few select friends that are left after the storms.

I’m content because I know that at any given moment my life could change. Yet, after surviving two emotionally trying years, I know now that I can endure a lot more than I thought I could. So, I’m taking advantage of this peaceful period before another storm hits, and I will try to do my best to avoid any unnecessary drama.

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