Things we’d like to forget but shouldn’t

Wouldn’t it be great to selectively be able to forget certain things from one day to another at will? Life would be easier on the heart, but would it in the long run? Because memories shape us, and hopefully make us better people, and allow us to relate to others on deeper levels and help them through because of what we’ve been through. We would be missing out on empathy. But here is my list nonetheless of things that would make life easier but not in the long run:

  • Erasing someone from your heart at will. Done with, forgotten. Moving on would be a cinch! But, we can’t. Some people just become engraved in our hearts and only time can fade these feelings.
  • Forgetting the loved ones we lost. We wouldn’t live with the dull heavy pain of remembrance every single day of our lives and the roles they played in them.
  • Our painful pasts. Snap, and we could move on without looking back, able to reinvent ourselves without the scars they left in our souls and hold us back.
  • Mistakes we made, we try to shake off our minds from embarrassment, and when we least expect them, they come to haunt us in some unexpected way, killing the moment for us.
  • People who deeply hurt us: eradicated by memory, never to come back to us.
  • The most difficult moments in our lives that as we remember them, we twitch in pain.
  • Those silly youth mistakes, and crazy dangerous things we did, we look back at and are perplexed that we actually survived that, especially having done it behind our parent’s backs. Guilt. Erasing the guilt which comes from remembering our crazy youth.
  • And more…

But as I said before, without all those memories, we wouldn’t be who we are, imperfect human beings who suffer and make it through life and are then able to empathize with others and say: “I understand. I’ve been there too and it shall pass,” or at least it will help the other to feel human.

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