Teaching: trying to reach the depths of souls

I’ve been blessed for having always worked at places I loved and colleagues which have almost always become close friends. Never, have I walked into a classroom and said: I hate this job! Never! My job has always been my happy place and most importantly a place I call home. I’m at ease, as frantic as it can get, but the connections and life in those halls and classrooms are my “engine,” one, that keeps me waking up each morning excited to go somewhere where I truly fit in, belong and where I have the chance to make a difference.

No matter the age of students, I connect at some level with them all. I teach but also learn from my students, young and old. I absorb and find ways to reach even those that like me at a certain age where hard to connect with. It’s a challenge, but one that is enriching for both parties. It’s like reaching the depths of a soul to help them become the best version of themselves.

It’s passion what I have for teaching, but as I told parents the other night, 30 years experience with no passion for teaching, mean nothing. My driving force is now to see these little human beings grow and try to guide them on their unique journeys with all the tools available to them so they can thrive and navigate such a complicated world of technology and emotion.

Teaching: My driving force, my meaning, my passion, my life, and purpose. I’m blessed!

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