Heartbreak is part of life, just as is death is

Just as with death, we are never ready for heartbreak, yet it is a natural fact of life. If you love you will inevitably hurt and if you live you will inevitably die. The difference is that with heartbreak you can learn. It’s a starting point for something else, for someone else, or for nobody else. Whatever road you decide to take, you cannot deny that love transforms us in big and small ways.

We experience heartbreak in many areas; familial love, friendship, and romantic love. We all go through losses every single time and have to mourn each one of them, in different ways, but mourn we must.

I remember having a fallout with a dear friend, the circumstances don’t really matter, my heart was broken and I experienced the pain of loss for two long years. Eventually, we came together again and our friendship was renewed and strengthened. Yet, the pain remains as a lesson and we were able to work things through and cherish our friendship again.

I wasn’t always this sensitive. I used to numb the pain, but eventually, it caught up to me. It’s true that my tolerance for pain is low and heartbreak isn’t something that gets easier with time. It comes in all sorts of colors and sizes. What I or we should accept is that it’s undeniably a part of life. It’s not something to endure but to feel and learn from. It teaches us about us more than the other.

So we loved and it hurt? Well, we were lucky we did. Now, what we do with what we learned is up to us.

As a reminder, we learn more from pain than from pleasant moments. Hard as it might be to understand. But, on hindsight, we eventually realize it all turned out the way it was supposed to given the circumstances.

Heartbreak is part of life, just as is death is.

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