The positive effects of stress through change

Moving, changing jobs, divorce, losing someone you love, can heighten your stress levels and leave you besides disconcerted, in a state of emotional shock.  I went through all these in a two-year period. Bang, one after the other, it seemed that life would never let up and kept punching me. But, in the end, all those things besides affecting my health elevating my blood pressure, also had a positive impact, my survival instinct kicked in and I made it so far, handling things I thought I could never do on my own.

As everything finally came together, it also came at the same time. Moving, my job, getting a car, setting up furniture on my own, and finally, now, dust is settling and I’ve made it moving way beyond my comfort zone. I do believe inevitable change and the blows life throws at us, change us.

Unfortunately, we only learn what we are made of when we go through emotional pain, and although it would be way more comfortable to learn from the good things that come our way, it’s rarely the case.

I have learned from this stress-filled trip:

  • That I cannot go it alone. Asking for help was key.
  • I can count on others as they can count on me. No matter how hard it is for my ego to accept help.
  • I need to be more patient with life. One step at a time. Slowly, it all comes together. I cannot force things to happen but I can be involved and actively participating to get where I want to go.
  • I’m content on my own. Now that there’s quiet after the storm.
  • Stuff happens to everyone, and hearing other’s troubles helps us bond and feel less isolated.
  • It’s OK to be vulnerable. You’re not less because you are in s tight spot.

Change is stressful, but that’s life. Nothing ever stays the same, we have to evolve, change our stories, the sad and the happy.




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