To first times at 52!

We all have first times, but with age, there are far fewer ones we can celebrate. I have plenty now to celebrate myself, a bit late but still excited! Granted they came at a price but I am grateful I got to experience them.

For the first time:

  • I owned my faults in relationships. I’m at peace with them.
  • I started living alone at 52. In my life, I have only lived alone for 9 months at 28. And I’m enjoying it!
  • I got a car, started driving again, and I’m mastering and overcoming my fear of it!
  • My social phobia is almost gone. I have out grown it and am able to experience friendships like never before.
  • I feel independent. Something I needed in my life.
  • My confidence level has grown and I am able to participate even in the most ridiculous activities being able to laugh at myself. My motto is: What’s the worse that could happen?!
  • I finally understand myself and my relationships hangups. It makes me feel less confused and more confident that “It is what it is,” and “you can’t beat a dead horse.”
  • I’m not afraid to face a future alone, in fact, I can live knowing I have friends and family who will always be there.
  • I’m ready to try new things and meet new people.
  • I’m starting a new chapter from scratch.

And so much more to celebrate! I can say I am happy to be able to experience first’s again! And hope to add more!

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