Life’s balancing act

Life is a balancing act. There is no class but life itself to teach us this. By the time we learn this valuable lesson if we’re lucky enough to learn it at all, we’re in middle age and hopefully, can work with that balance, accept it and move on with all the storms coming at us without being discouraged or giving up.

Nothing is either black or white, nobody is 100 percent right or wrong. We have our very own perspective of things not only through what we’ve experienced but from our early childhood. We’re the product of whoever came before us; our parents, grandparents and so forth whether we like it or not.

To strike a balance, we must look at the whole map to understand where people are coming from. Some maps may not be worth looking at, but others that hit close to our hearts are worth understanding and studying.

A forgiving and understanding heart can more easily move on and strike that balance.

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