Sharing Outshine Bars and smiles with my nieces & nephews

When I was a kid, my Abuelita –who recently turned 100- would buy fruit bars for my sister and me. I have beautiful memories of special summers with my family.

Now I enjoy having Outshine Fruit Bars with my nieces and nephews. I love seeing them smile while snacking on yogurt or fruit bars that help us all snack brighter.

unnamed (5)

I am spending time with my sister and her family in Florida, and every evening after school, the kids and I hang out together. I am in awe of the special connection that my niece and my nephew have, being that they are a part of a blended family.

unnamed (6)

The weather’s been wonderful, especially if I compare it to my hometown, San Francisco. So for the past weeks, I’ve really enjoyed #SnackingBrighter with these teens! It really is a refreshing treat at the end of our day.

unnamed (4)

I know that one day, when they are older, my nieces and nephews will also remember these times together fondly, and I hope they will be able to recreate the feeling by sharing Outshine Fruit and Yogurt Bars with their own children.

unnamed (2)

At this stage in life I am really aware that the joy of life is in the little things. Something as simple as sharing a great snack with the family can turn out to be the best part of the day! What about you? Have you tried Outshine Fruit Bars yet? Which is your favorite flavor?


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