Things I never thought would happen to me; in youth we are invincible

Youth, fortunately, or unfortunately doesn’t have the fear barriers we adults have, so it believes, just as we all adults once did that, bad things only happened to other people. I also thought that way and it’s a miracle I’m alive. In our youth, we believe we are invincible, fail to see trouble coming and are often unable to stop ourselves because we lack foresight. We still have little experience to look back on and while this might be a good thing because it’s good to be daring, we can get into a lot of trouble. These are facts and it’s the inevitable circle of life. We all need to go through our growing pains and build upon our mistakes and misfortunes.

I never thought I would:

  • Become a raging alcoholic. I was way too young for that I thought, but then, I was overly shy, so the basic ingredient was there to make me a great candidate. Luckily I was able to quit 23 years ago due to the passion my job ignited in me. All else mattered little. My job has always saved my life.
  • Get married. I did. Not that that was a bad thing or experience, but I did realize I wasn’t cut out for that.
  • Get skin cancer: melanoma. I tanned as much as I could for years ignoring everyone’s pleas to not do it. Of course, skin cancer only happened to others, until one day the doctor came with the news. A big chunk of my skin on my leg was removed along with the cancer.
  • Be so sad that I’d want to die. I swallowed a couple of bottles of valium and ended up in a hospital in my teens. I did almost die, and that was a wake-up call. Part of it was romanticizing death. However, my appreciation and understanding of depression and suicide have helped me become more sensitive to other’s suffering. Been there, done that and I can be there for others who may experience that urge to give up.
  • Fall in love so deeply that it hurt and made me crazy. Yep. I was never one to really get deep into relationships.
  • Have an affair. Let’s let that one sleep. Paid an expensive emotional due for that one.
  • Experience the death of a friend. Again, that only happens to others. As most of you know, it’s the most heartbreaking experience in life. Shock, mourning, and all those unwanted feelings we all have to go through.
  • I would have a car accident that would make me so afraid of ever driving again that I’d need to retake classes.
  • Have such a poor diet that I’d end up in the hospital from low potassium levels. My heart almost stopped.
  • I would be giving my nieces the same advice my dad gave me and I never listened to!
  • And so on…

Now, on hindsight, youth is about experiencing life and making it to adulthood somehow! And hopefully be able to tell our stories and learn once and for all that we are not invincible!

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