One of the hardest things in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn

They say we never should burn bridges, however, sometimes you have to, to make sure you never go back and cross them again. I’ve had to burn some bridges to move ahead and not retrace my steps to make the same mistake over again because I have that tendency, and to make sure I don’t hurt myself again. Burning bridges is a good idea when it is done for self-protection.

The bridges I crossed to get here have been sometimes challenging, but as I always like to think, I regret none of them because it makes me the whole person I am today. Some of these bridges I’ve burnt because going back would be a big mistake, like drinking. That phase didn’t go so well, so I’ve scratched that one off my list. It would take me nowhere that I wish to return to.

I’ve also overgrown some bridges, made peace with them and need not cross again. But some I do keep in good shape because I will always want to revisit them. The ones that make my existence richer, that I carry in my heart and that help me move forward.

I don’t know how many more bridges I’ve left to cross but I’m readier than ever to take on more and even look forward to doing so. I may find crappy bridges along the way, that I’ll eventually burn, but I’m sure that others will be well worth the trouble to upkeep.

The hardest thing is to distinguish which to burn, and which to keep since we are only able to do so from experience and hindsight.

May you learn to recognize what to do with yours!

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