Finding our peace

We cannot will ourselves to be at peace but we can make it our pursuit. For me, being at peace equals happiness and contentment. I’m finding mine while feeling my way through this jungle called life.

I need to find my closure, even if it’s one-sided, or my own version of things so that I can remove any anger left in me. If there is anything I cannot endure is being upset at someone for too long. It hurts and keeps me from living and enjoying life fully.

Peace to me means living a life devoid of hate or anger. Avoiding situations that will take away more than contribute to my happiness.  Not living in constant turmoil or confrontation with others; ie: I cannot be sucked into the drama.

If I’m at peace with others, I’m at peace with myself. So, I work hard to stay away from people who don’t allow me to feel at total ease.

Being at peace is not easy. For a totally peaceful life, you have to accommodate to your circumstances and environment, and this is a daily practice. Patience is also a key element in finding peace within. Every day we encounter situations and people who will disrupt and challenge us, but with practice, it gets easier to manage and let go.

I’m finally finding my balance and realize that I’m the only one who can control my level of peace.

You can also strive for a peaceful existence. It’s a synonym of joy!

PS: I almost forgot! I’m most likely to get a quick fix of peace when I hug a pup. With the added health benefits; heart rate and blood pressure go down, and I’m filled with love!

One thought on “Finding our peace

  1. A Foreigner Everywhere... A Local Anywhere

    “I’m finally finding my balance and realize that I’m the only one who can control my level of peace” – So true, I need to work on mine…

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