Don’t confuse the word honesty with rudeness. Try mixing in some kindness.


Some people boast of being honest, but they come out as rude and heartless. Some empathy seems to be missing in them. I have noted this in my latest experiment in life. In my opinion, honesty comes hand in hand with kindness.

I try to be honest and truthful, but at the same time, I’m careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings. So, I know it can be done. Lately, someone boasting of being honest and a gentleman turned out to be tactless and rude. His youth is no excuse, I have teens who have more tact. “I’m just being honest here,” is meaningless if there is no sign of tact. I have no respect for these people and simply move on. I don’t waste time being offended, really, and that’s a fact. At my age, being the way I am, there’s little anyone can say to me that will kill me because I value foremost most my close friend’s and family’s opinions.

The good thing about these “honest” people is that we can spot them from a short distance, that’s how fast they give themselves away, and we can weed them out immediately moving onto more pleasant company.

You can be honest, mindful and kind at the same time… Really!

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