Breakthrough to my old happy self

There’s been a lot of mourning in my life these past two years. And now I’m finally my old happy self. So much change, and shattering heartbreak from the losses of friends and pups. This past week, thanks to my dear friends and family, there’s been an actual breakthrough, at long last.

From fog to light, from sadness to hope, from grief to the pleasant understanding that life does go on and we can go back to our old happy selves. Mind you, with a few more scars, but that I wear proudly.

I’m back, and as I’ve made the breakthrough, so can anyone. I’m not special. I just had to slowly let go and give up some people who were taking up way too much space in my brain. Off they go and on I go.

And as I always say: Thank you, thank you life for picking me up and setting me free to enjoy the life I have left.

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