Where happiness grows

Happiness grows wherever you plant the seeds, but if you don’t care for them, they shrivel and die. Although it’s a known fact, it’s easily overlooked and we often pay more attention to someone else’s garden of happiness wishing it were ours without tending our own.

Happiness grows from the seeds we care for. We water and nurture them. Everyone’s garden is different. My seeds were planted with love and care and from them, I’ve grown beautiful friendships and a loving and caring family. I know I have a lot a work to do yet. I have to water my happiness garden more often by reaching out and not isolating myself.

The seeds of romantic love I have to say, I’ve tended little. I didn’t pay enough attention to them and they eventually withered and died. True that the seeds may have been the wrong one’s, but this was just practice and a ‘live and learn experience.’ Now I have to master the art of caring for those other seeds.

Hope you reap happiness from the seeds you plant…

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