Talk therapy

Sometimes I feel I don’t want to bother people when I’m down, and not being much of a phone person, I tend to keep things in instead of reaching out. But talk therapy works wonders and shortens the bouts of sadness, instead of dragging them out and making them worse. Being alone in one’s head is not always a good idea. Letting whatever is bothering you out, relieves the pain.

This week was especially tough and although I had managed to keep my pain in check, today I simply needed to talk to another human being about how I was feeling. I keep forgetting the good it brings and the relief.

People listen, can talk to you about their similar experience and at the end, you might end up laughing. Keeping things bottled up will only make the hurt become more intense, and I’m afraid of that.

Today I managed to make the call and surely enough I was greeted with understanding and hope. I felt not only better but somewhat normal. Everyone seems to believe they are unique when it comes to pain, but there are many who suffer silently because, that’s part of life and it’s normal, especially if you are going through some type of trauma. Who hasn’t who is middle-aged?

So talk, open up to someone you feel most comfortable with and you will unburden part of the sadness and come out feeling not only refreshed but normal.

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