Love can change the way we dress

I was never very feminine. I used to dress in oxford shirts and pants, mostly jeans, and tennis shoes. I disliked drawing attention to myself, so my clothes were never tight fitting but loose and oversized. So, much so, that all those shirts ended up, finally, in a male’s closet when I decided to give them away and start dressing a bit more daringly and feminine, meaning shopping in the women’s section.

It was actually cheap to dress that way. I had a couple of pairs of tennis shoes, about 8 shirts and two pairs of jeans. That was about it. Then, something happened, I discovered I was in love and started to like myself a bit more. So, I started to buy nicer, more fitting clothes. I’m still a jean fan but have become more stylish. However, this has caused my wardrobe to expand quite a bit and become more expensive. Color has brightened my closet and shoes have pilled up. It’s taken a while to find my style, which is pretty conservative and not sexy at all. I need to feel comfortable and myself.

This has proved that love, or infatuation, can change us and make us more daring. It may not be a big important change, but it does break some side of us that needs fixing, as my fear of calling attention to myself.

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