Melancholy is slowly breaking my heart

The problem with human beings is their ability to remember the past. I live now in an almost constant state of melancholy for all I lost along the way. Everything rests there in some hidden part of my brain, waiting to be triggered by some place, person or thing I come across.

I’ve returned to where I used to live 20 years ago. It’s harder yet because this is where my friend who passed 2 years ago, lived. He was a big part of my life and now, I’m constantly reminded of him, and I wonder what he’d make of me being back and with nowhere else to stay. He’d probably be happy I’m here but would question the reasons, and I can almost hear him scold me a bit for not having taken a bit more charge. I’m grateful to be here, but I’m extremely sad at the same time. This melancholy is breaking my heart.

Melancholy slowly permeates our lives sooner or later. The turns life takes makes this inevitable. But, it’s temporary, life is temporary, it shall pass and I will rebuild a life and I won’t let melancholy cloud my days so much that I cannot look ahead and get through to the sunnier side.

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