New kitchen staple; DOÑA MARÍA® mole to add some change to your meals!

Routine is good, but change is even better. Sometimes we need to let go of routine to brighten our lives and taste buds. I have undergone a lot of changes in these past two years. I used to stick to my routine like glue, then, came the change and with it, I even changed the way I ate and added some variations to my meals too! With drastic change, my adventurous spirit came out and I even saw food differently. I had gotten actually bored with what I ate, salads every day, for example! Now, I embrace trying new things and new foods, so it goes with adding new staples to my cooking like DOÑA MARÍA® mole.



In this quest of adding newness to my life and meals, DOÑA MARÍA® was a great find! You don’t have to spend hours prepping mole, now you can simply get it ready made mole with DOÑA MARÍA® and add it to your regular meals broaden the taste.


For my dish I used DOÑA MARÍA® mole:

As a variation of the usual pasta dishes, I boiled pasta like I normally would. Then I diced some grilled chicken—you can use leftovers. I chopped the chicken and tossed it over the pasta. Then I made a small amount of DOÑA MARÍA® mole as directed in the instructions and poured it over the pasta and chicken. I shredded a little parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of salt, and that was it! Easy, fast, and delicious with that great mole taste. And different!

The possibilities are endless! I dare you to try it!

For more recipes visit DOÑA MARÍA® website.

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