I finally gave away my ex’s jewelry because it was high time I did

Today, in the rush of getting everything ready for my upcoming trips and a new chapter of my life after the divorce, I consigned the jewelry my ex-husband gave me. I was very lucky to take them to a place where they treated me so well. They made the experience less unpleasant. An amazing company with the best customer service. They were kind and well aware of what I was giving them. They listened and understood how hard and easy it was at the same time to let go of them.

In the mix, there was the wedding ring which I stopped wearing 7 years ago sort of unconsciously but obviously an early symptom of what was to come, the engagement ring, and other 4 gorgeous pieces. (He was very generous in this area and I was lucky. I love jewelry.) But it was a very emotional and confusing moment. It helped that my friend Violeta helped me to do it. I asked her if it was the right thing to do in order to let go of the past, and she said it was. I feel it was the right choice too. I didn’t want to pass onto my nieces jewelry from a failed marriage that I wouldn’t wear myself anymore.

I will replace the pieces with other jewelry that makes me happy and that I can pass onto my nieces and hope they will enjoy too. I will choose timeless pieces with love.

This process of letting go of things has been hard. Whenever I thought I was over it, the pain came back. Little reminders of what once was, no matter if we had ceased to love each other years ago, has at times been excruciating.

I did keep a piece, the trinity ring which was accompanied by a note telling me it symbolized above all friendship. We may no longer be friends, but we once were.

2 thoughts on “I finally gave away my ex’s jewelry because it was high time I did

  1. swtspontaneous

    Congrats on your new life! My wedding ring was sold at a consignment shop on the valentine’s day after we divorced. I was very happy that it would be of some use to another couple. I also had a divorce party. I felt silly throwing myself a party but it symbolized how I believe that life transitions are just part of life: not necessarily tragedies.

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