I know I cannot change the world but I do this

I cannot change the crazy world we live in but I can focus all my attention on those I love and try to make a little difference. Little acts of love, kindness, and compassion are the only ways I know to improve the world, my world, the world of those around me. The way I see it is that when it’s not in my power to fight against the craziness in the world, is to put my people first. I may be a bit selfish, but sometimes one can go so far.

I hope that those with stronger voices will help restore some kind of peace. Meanwhile, I’ll keep my peace and help those I can really reach. Hopefully, when we spread good vibes and love, the world catches on too. Maybe we, whose voices don’t reach the powers that be, can work from the inside and make life better and spread some compassion and hope.

I dream of a compassionate world, a more understanding, less power oriented world where everyone lives at peace. No power struggles, more empathy, and understanding, and politicians that act unselfishly. Oh! How naive I am!

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