Annus horribilis; 2016

I’ve had my share of misfortunes this year, but nothing compared to the great losses other’s have unfortunately endured. I have stood watching, sometimes hiding away from the news in fear of what misfortune was going to hit the world next. May this annus horribilis come to an end so we get some respite.

There surely have been worse years, individually and worldwide, but I can only speak of this one that I have experienced first and secondhand. This show must go on but needs to change its course.

We have now to recover not only physically and emotionally but spiritually. Our world is too divided and fragmented as it is, and to do this we mustn’t give up hope, turn our heads and look away. Let’s face 2017 head on, with hope and our best intentions, because I believe that every attitude is catching and will inevitably spread making us all a better people.

We cannot avoid the inevitable losses, but we can improve the direction of the world by fostering peace, hope, and love.

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