I finally have no resolutions for 2017

I have no resolutions for 2017. Every year I used to write a long list of things I hoped to achieve. Some, I often realized were not even things I really wanted. I just jotted them down believing these were things I had to do to make myself and others happy. Now, on second thought, I just cannot waste time or energy adding things to the list of resolutions that are no longer relevant anyway and won’t make me or others any happier.  I don’t feel I need to put needless pressure on myself either, life does that very well without my help. So, this year I have no specific resolutions.

My only goal this year is to keep my heart hopeful. That’s all. Breathe and enjoy the ride because if 2016 taught me something is that there is so much planning I can do. Life makes its own plans and decisions and there is little in my power to do but to weather the storms, one at a time and stay strong.

Plus, I’m finally OK with who I am and don’t need to change for anyone. So, I will head into 2017 with an open mind and heart.

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