Why I have no problem apologizing and neither should you!

Some people view apologizing as weak.  With age, it becomes easier to detach from that idea and it’s easier to tell when your ego is in the way.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes and least of all apologizing when you realize you’ve screwed up. On the contrary. You are not enslaved by your ego and what people may think of you, ie: find you weak.

I can no longer keep quiet once I realize I have wronged someone or said something out of anger. I have this need now to sleep well and clear my conscience because at the end of the day, what we all seek is peace of mind.

I had to apologize recently. I wrote an e-mail while feeling angry about my current situation, and of course, it was easy to blame someone else. For days after that e-mail, weeks, I was really uncomfortable for having sent it and felt as if I was playing the blame game, so when I felt safe enough and ready, I apologized. I was deeply sorry for such a hurtful e-mail and expressed it as clearly and honestly as possible. It was received well and my apology was accepted. It was such a relief!

Apologizing is an act of humility and giving up the need to blame others for where you are at in life. It allows us to take responsibility which in turn sets us free.

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