Fifty: payback time

All those fun parties, sleepless nights, stress and some gold old drugs in your youth come at a price once you turn fifty. But, it’s inevitable. When you are young you think you are immune to everything, as it should be. Living a super conscious and cautious life in your youth is no way to live. Some are able to balance it out and when it’s payback time, they are healthy and their chances of living a healthy middle age are doubled.

It’s often a roll of the dice. Sometimes you can never tell, but something I do know is that once you reach fifty, every day is a gift in every way.

At fifty we may find ourselves in our prime. We know ourselves, don’t care so much about what people think, become more self-assured and feel we have much less to lose.

We are also faced with many more losses and disappointments, finding it harder to believe the world can change and least of all, those around us.

When it’s payback time, we do somehow reap what we sowed, often carelessly. Then we are shocked at the spots we find ourselves in, no longer able to turn back and undo what’s done. Because at this time, for some things, it’s too late. No matter what some guru’s claim!

Life is not over at fifty, but what you have is a direct result of all your countless mistakes, choices, and chance. Now, you just have to pay your dues, and accept that this is the time to realize that this is it. That life is no fairy tale. Own up to what is and try to live in total acceptance and gratitude that you can make it another day, one day at a time.



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