It’s youth’s time. Let’s lead by example.

It’s not our time anymore. It’s youth’s time. We have failed them miserably and even more when we don’t, as adults, send them a message of hope, letting them know that there may be a brighter future and that they are the change.

We cannot cry, complain and only allow them to see the dark side of a result. We have to show them that even in the worst of times, by keeping strong and allowing hope to drive them, there is a chance of getting out of muddy waters.

Hope, peace, perseverance, falling and getting up are acquired by example. Let’s show kids this is the way… Not a stubborn “I can’t take this, we are fucked!” This won’t teach them resilience. This will only teach them anger and stubbornness.

Lead the way and help them shape a better future, leading by example: We fail, we try again…

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