Floating between lives

Sometimes we float between lives. The one we had and the one that is to come. And while we try to figure out the future we miss the moment and know that we’ll look back and regret not having enjoyed this floating time.

I’m floating, unattached to anything, which should be a pleasurable experience but somehow it feels as if I were looking at life, my life, and others,’ as a detached outsider curious about how “normal” people navigate their lives while mine is floating.

I was asked today if I would be willing to travel to China and my answer came immediately: Yes! Why not? I need a purpose, something to anchor me a bit, to make my floating time meaningful. As long as I’m floating and trying to figure out my next step, I’m willing to embrace any enriching opportunity.

Floating between lives is not easy, but neither is being anchored and unable to make a move. So, I’ll try to enjoy the ride until that time when I stop floating and join the somewhat more stable life crowd.

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